September 19, 2023


The Vincent Vegan journey has always been characterised by a deep passion for pure-vegetable delights and a sense of adventure. We are ready to break new ground and leave our mark on the world of travel gastronomy. In spring 2024, we are opening our newest locations at the main stations in Bremen and Kiel with great anticipation. This will open up further important areas in the north of the republic.

In time with the world - Vincent Vegan on Tour

We are no ordinary fast food chain and our journey began on the streets of Germany. Our success is built on our dedication to great food and our relentless pursuit of innovation and improvement. With the opening of new shops at major transport hubs, we are taking the first steps of our adapted strategy in selecting new locations.

A culinary journey to Bremen and Kiel

We are pleased to announce our latest adventures in Bremen and Kiel. These locations are more than just restaurants; they are starting points for taste journeys. We deliberately chose train stations because this is where many of the most exciting journeys begin. We want our guests to set off into the world with our plant-based delicacies.

The fascination of being on the road

Why travel gastronomy? Because we want to capture the magic of being on the road. Being on the road means freedom, new horizons, unexpected discoveries and transformation. Vincent Vegan wants to be a companion that offers you culinary delights and inspiration on this exciting journey.

Vincent Vegan - Always on the move

Our future is shaped by wanderlust and culinary curiosity. Vincent Vegan will continue to expand and conquer new places because we believe that food is one of the most exciting ways to discover cultures, make connections and initiate necessary transformations.

Be part of our culinary world tour

Whether you're on your way to work, going on holiday, live in Bremen or Kiel, or just want to enjoy our delicious plant-based dishes, you're part of our culinary world tour. Join us on this exciting journey as we turn the world of fast food upside down and fight together for a future that brings more heart and less heartache for all inhabitants of this planet.

Do Good. Be Cool. Eat Vegan.


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