September 19, 2023


At the heart of our exciting Vincent Vegan journey is our passionate dedication to making delicious plant-based fast food for everyone. What once began as a humble start in a food truck has evolved into a serious franchise system. This step marks an epic milestone in our mission.

From Food Truck to Franchise - An Inspiring Journey of Growth

Our story began in 2014 in a food truck - far away from the fancy offices and conference rooms of this world. We are not and have never been fanatical eco-activists, but "simple" people who love incredibly good fast food. The only condition: it has to be without animal ingredients, please!

We started small, but from the beginning our mission was clear: we wanted to make hearty, purely plant-based treats accessible to all. Our founder Christian Kuper started in a food truck, serving the best vegan burgers Hamburg had to offer. Demand exceeded expectations and we grew steadily.

Today we are overjoyed to announce that we have taken the big step into the franchise business. Our first partner is none other than SSP Group, a heavyweight in the food and beverage industry. Our goal? To make Vincent Vegan an experience for even more people.

Why franchising? Because we want to fuel our mission.

Why the step into the franchise business? Because we want to accelerate our mission. Franchising allows us to expand faster and reach even more people with our plant-based delicacies. It's a key to delivering on our promise: To make vegan fast food accessible to everyone.

Our values - Preserving animal life

Our values are clear - we want animals to be left alone. But we don't preach sermons. Instead, we let our actions speak. Our values are deeply rooted in our daily work, but we like to keep things simple and straightforward.

The Future of Vincent Vegan - Bigger, Better, More Passionate

We have big plans. Vincent Vegan will continue to grow and conquer even more cities. No matter how big we get, our passion for delicious, pure plant-based fast food will always remain the same.

Be part of our exciting journey

aWhether you're a potential franchise partner, a loyal fan of Vincent Vegan or just curious about the world of vegan cuisine, you're part of the Vinceverse. Join us on our journey as we reinvent the world of fast food and work together to create a better future for animals, people and the planet.

Do Good. Be Cool. Eat Vegan.


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