September 9, 2023


In a world where fast food often sacrificed health and sustainability, Vincent Vegan emerged as a refreshing change. We are not just a fast food restaurant; we are a movement, a mission and a promise. Our journey began in 2014 when we set out with a single food truck to serve plant-based delicacies at local markets. Today, Vincent Vegan has grown into a brand that is reshaping the landscape of fast food.

At the heart of our vision is the promise to make plant-based eating accessible, exciting and satisfying for everyone. We believe that a vegan lifestyle shouldn't just mean salads and smoothie bowls, but can also include hearty burgers, crispy fries and indulgent shakes. Our mission is simple yet groundbreaking: We want to make veganism mainstream.

But why is this mission so important?

Sustainability without compromise: Our planet and our well-being are inextricably linked. By choosing plant-based options, we not only take care of our health, but also reduce our ecological footprint. Vincent Vegan stands for sustainability without compromise. Our ingredients are carefully selected, our packaging environmentally friendly and our processes designed to minimise waste.

Taste without compromise: We firmly believe that choosing a plant-based diet does not mean sacrificing taste. Our culinary team has developed a menu that is as delicious as it is compassionate. From our legendary Cheesy One to crispy fries and tempting desserts, every item on our menu is proof that vegan food can taste wonderful.

Accessibility for all: We are passionate about making vegan fast food accessible to everyone, regardless of dietary preferences. Vincent Vegan welcomes not only vegans and vegetarians, but also curious omnivores who want to explore the world of plant-based eating. Our menu offers a wide range of options, so there is something for everyone.

The Vincent Vegan Difference: What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and innovation. We don't just follow trends; we set them. Our dedication to serving freshly prepared food with rich flavours and appealing presentation is unwavering. We constantly strive to surprise and delight our customers with new specialities and seasonal offerings.

As we expand and open new locations, our commitment to these principles remains. We believe we can be part of a bigger change - towards a world where fast food means fast, tasty and ethical food.

So join us on this journey, enjoy the flavours and become part of the Vincent Vegan movement. Together we can prove that plant-based nutrition is not just a trend, but a delicious and sustainable way of life.

At Vincent Vegan, we don't just serve food; we serve a brighter, greener and more compassionate future.

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